Preparing For On-Site Headshot Photography:
A Guide for Boston Area Businesses

Your company’s visual identity is a powerful tool in today’s digital landscape, and headshot photography plays a pivotal role in crafting that identity. But before the camera clicks, there are key decisions to make to ensure a successful photoshoot. From choosing the right space to selecting the ideal background, considering wardrobe choices, and even contemplating professional hair and makeup, every detail contributes to the story your headshots will tell. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essential steps to prepare for an on-site headshot photography session, helping your business put its best face forward.  

Choose a space

Headshot photography requires space—sometimes more than your might think. In addition to the space required for the subject to stand, you will also need space all around for lighting, any backdrops, plus extra space in front of the subject for the camera and the photographer. An on-site headshot shoot requires, on average, an open area of 13 x 13 square feet. Make sure that whatever your space options, you have accounted for room for everyone and everything.

Choose your background

  1. Office Envioronment Using an office space for headshot photography can add a professional touch, as it’s the environment where you typically work. It can convey authenticity and create a connection with clients or colleagues. It’s also convenient and cost-effective.
  1. Seamless Backdrop A seamless background provides a clean and consistent look across all headshots. It isolates the subject, making them the main focus of the photo. This is ideal for professional, corporate, or formal portraits.
  1. Outdoors Outdoor settings offer natural light, which can create flattering and warm headshots. It adds a touch of nature and can be suitable for businesses with a more casual or creative image. However, weather and lighting can be unpredictable, which may require rescheduling if conditions are unfavorable. Outdoor locations might not always align with the corporate image, and privacy could be an issue.

Wardrobe Considerations

Encourage employees to wear professional attire that aligns with the company’s brand and industry. Neutral colors are a safe choice for seamless backgrounds, while office or outdoor settings might allow for slightly more relaxed attire, depending on the company culture.

Professional Hair and Makeup

Professional hair and makeup can enhance the subject’s appearance, ensuring they look their best for the photoshoot. It can also boost confidence, resulting in more relaxed and natural expressions. A good photographer should be able to offer you makeup options in collaboration with local professional makeup artists with whom he or she has worked.

Selecting the location, background, wardrobe, and considering hair and makeup are all crucial steps in preparing for an on-site headshot photography session. The choice should align with the company’s brand image, industry, and the desired message conveyed by the headshots. It’s essential to communicate clearly with the photographer to ensure the chosen elements work harmoniously to achieve the intended visual impact.

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